Debra – Choosing a different path

As a mother of two, Debra has to make lots of choices. Some small, some much more important. But of all the choices she makes, there is one choice that stands out as being the most important.

Whilst growing up in Clydach, Debra met John and Joan Davies and their children, a Christian family.

‘I was ten but I knew there was something different about the Davies family. There was such a peaceful atmosphere when I was with them. They were great friends and I loved spending time with them. They were kind, a good influence and they took me along to church.

‘At church I remember being taught about how God wants to save us. I remember one particular day at the young people’s meeting when I was twelve-years-old, I was given a piece of paper which said, “If I die tonight I will go to h…” I didn’t want to fill it in. I knew the answer and it frightened me.

‘I knew about heaven and hell from church but that day it really brought it home to me so I prayed asking Jesus to come into my life. I knew I needed him. I started reading my Bible and writing down things I was taught at church.

‘It didn’t last long though. For some reason I just stopped going to church. I wanted to do my own thing and just enjoy myself. I was a bit of wild child – I did what I wanted when I wanted. I had lots of friends and I wasn’t really thinking about God. I sometimes stuck up for God in conversation but I certainly wasn’t living for him.

“I wanted to do my own thing and just enjoy myself… I did what I wanted when I wanted.”

‘I met Mark when I was twenty-one. The following year we got married. We were blessed with two wonderful children in the following years and it was when they were young that I took them to Sunday School and started going back to church. I used to hide under my hymn book as we were singing. I was in tears, thinking, “What have I done with my life?”

‘I realised what a fool I’d been but I knew God was working in me – he loved me and wanted me back. I started to live for God and not myself and Mark could see the difference in me. The church leaders saw there was a change in me too.

‘I think I’d finally understood that as Christian you have to walk with the Lord and choose a different path. I’d spent lots of time with different people when I was a teenager but I was on a path to disaster. You can’t walk both paths; it’s one or the other.

‘I do still get doubts – sometimes I think I’m not good enough but I keep reminding myself that it’s all about how good Jesus is. If I had that piece of paper now, I would write “heaven” knowing what God has done for me.’