Alison Stewart – Free from addiction

Abused, broken home, rebellious, fostered, sectioned and criminal are just some of the words Alison uses when talking about her past.

‘I reached eighteen and lost job after job. I soon got caught up in the drug world and became addicted to heroin. But by the time I was thirty, I just wanted to be clean. I was five and a half stone and I just wanted to be clean.

‘This lady from Teen Challenge, a Christian organisation that helps people like me, came to see me. She said that Jesus was the solution to my problem. I thought “What a joke!” but I wanted to be free and I’d already tried everything else so I gave Teen Challenge a go.

‘They were different to any other kind of rehab. They were kind and it was more like a home than a clinic but staying was optional. Within those first two days, I opened a Bible and the words “the truth will set you free” just stared at me. The next eighteen months were the best in my life. I left rehab a Christian and completely clean. Jesus was the solution to my problem. He had changed my life.’

Andy Christofides interviewing Alison Stewart