Real Lives 2009

Real Lives was a series of events we held in June 2009, and the name of a free newspaper we distributed around Clydach and the surrounding area. Both the the newspaper and the special events were designed to tell the stories of special guests and members of the church – and show how God is changing lives for the better.

The reason

2009 has not been a year filled with good news. Savings and jobs have been lost, and our confidence in banks and parliament is at an all time low. It’s not surprising that the papers have been full of bad news. The bad news is that it is not just bankers and parliamentarians who don’t live up to the standards we expect. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re no better than they. We have all done things of which we are ashamed.

But there is good news! That’s why we at Bethel Church are launching this newspaper, and the Real Lives events which take place at the end of June. What would be good news for you? What do you hope for? Former Wales’ hooker Garin Jenkins says that as a boy he was looking forward to big cars and holidays that rugby success would bring.  But when success came, he found “it doesn’t fulfil what you think it will”.

The same story is told by special guests and the Clydach men and women who belong to the church, and whose stories are also featured inside. Each one discovered good news in unexpected places. The good news is that God loves us, he wants us to know him personally, and deal with our failings so we can escape death and live forever in heaven. That’s good news! Even better, God offers this as a gift. We don’t need to earn his love by trying harder or doing better, by going to church or by saying prayers. 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross, because he claimed he was the one – the only one – who could restore our relationship with God. And this newspaper is filled with stories of people who can testify that this is what Jesus has done for them. To find out more, read through their stories, and you too might find that the Bible’s message to us is very good news indeed.

The people